Protesters gather outside OCC for Rep. Katko Town Hall event

Protesters gather outside OCC for Rep. Katko Town Hall event

More than 100 people have already gathered outside of the quad on the Onondaga Community College campus protesting Congressman John Katko's Town Hall event.

The area demonstrators are gathering in has been dubbed as the "free speech" zone by the campus. Organizers from CNY Solidarity Coalition and Invisible Cayuga are among the protestors in the crowd holding up signs like "Afraid to Talk? IN 2018 you walk."

All the signs being held up are directed towards John Katko in what demonstrators say is a lack of accessibility to their Congressman.

Protesters are calling on Rep. Katko to hold more events and are unhappy with how Monday's Town Hall has been set up.

One woman who is participating in the protest and then going inside the auditorium for Town Hall said she had to go through a long process just to attend the event.

“Congressman Katko has been unwilling to meet with people in person except for under very tightly controlled circumstances which this is and that’s why I’m calling it a golden ticket," Mary Kuhn from DeWitt said. "I had to register, I had to provide all my information, I will have to go through security, I will have to show a picture ID, I have to show that I’m in his district, but Congressman Katko has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from outside the district, so why the concern, I don’t know."

Many outside of the Town Hall are hoping they will have a chance to speak with Rep. Katko after the event.

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