Protesters rally against gay marriage in downtown Syracuse

Protestors rally against gay marriage Sunday afternoon / photo: Brian Mueller

On the first day of legalized gay marriage in New York, about one hundred people spoke out against the new law in Clinton Square.

Protesters chanted "Let the people vote," demanding the issue of gay marriage be put to a vote in New York.

Evangelical Church of God in Christ Pastor Kenneth Reed says he opposes gay marriage not on principle as much as the procedure by which the government ratified the law.

He says New Yorkers should have been able to voice their opinion on the subject by voting on it.

"I feel the squeakiest wheel got the grease, and I believe if the people are allowed to vote, we will find out how many people really wanted that law," Reed says.

Others at the protest say they have a moral objection to gay marriage, and it was wrong of the state to legalize it.

"Marriage is between a man and a woman, and shame, shame on our state government for allowing gay people to get married," DeWitt resident Jacques Zenner says.

The afternoon rally was one of five protests held throughout the state in the month since gay marriage was legalized.