Protestors occupy Mayor's Ball

The Mayor's Ball is one of the fanciest nights of the year in Syracuse, but this year, supporters of the mayor weren't the only ones to show up.

About 50 protestors from the Occupy Syracuse movement stood in front of the Landmark Theatre as part of their "Occupy Ball." They wore top hats and evening gowns to protest money in elections.

"Tonight is about buying access to contracts and other types of beneficial rules and regulations," says protestor David Salerius.

The group yelled out chants as supporters of the mayor walked into the ball.

"There's a lot of people who really support this issue," says Occupy Syracuse protestor Ryan O'Hara. "Money and politics is a very detrimental thing to our society."

The Mayor's Ball is an annual fundraising event. Supporters of Mayor Stephanie Miner pay $250 for a ticket, $400 for a couple, or $1,000 to go to a private cocktail reception. Between 350-400 people are expected to show up throughout the night.

Mayor Miner declined to comment on the protest.

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