Protestors say "stop the frack attack" at NY state fair

<font size="2">Crowds of people stood outside rallying for a statewide fracking ban.</font>

While some hit the fair to check out the rides and the fair food, crowds of people stood outside rallying for a statewide fracking ban -- hoping to catch the ear of the governor as he made his way through the fair.

"We're fracking in the U.S, we're transporting it through big pipelines and then we're going to be exporting it. What is the benefit of that?" says Ellen Harrison, a hydrofracking protestor.

Signs like 'Stop the Frack Attack' and 'Don't frack on New York farms' were just a few of the messages protestors were trying to spread.

"Clean water to me is very sacred. If we want to destroy the environment that's one thing, but I think you have to draw the line somewhere. And, to me, you draw the line at clean water," says Jeffrey Ostrom, a hydrofracking protestor.

Clean water isn't the only issue people are concerned with. The effect on farming, the environment, their food and ultimately...

"On our health," says Chris Sauter, a hydrofracking protestor.

By standing their ground on this issue, they hope Governor Cuomo will take notice. But, our questions about hydrofracking were quickly brushed aside.

"There is nothing new on fracking," says Governor Cuomo.

"Ultimately, when there are enough of us, they have to listen and they have to hopefully bend to the will of the people instead of the will of the corporations," says Sauter.


o for now, they'll keep those signs raised and voices chanting loudly for an issue they hope will make a difference.