Public hearing Tuesday to discuss elimination of Pulaski Police Department

Villagers will discuss elimination of Pulaski Police Department at public hearing Tuesday.

Pulaski's Police Chief, Ellery Terpening, seems to know everyone as he drives through the area he knows like the back of his hand.

The village is considering eliminating its police department, which means Terpening and eight other officers would be out of work.

This past year, they received more than 2,000 calls. Now, those calls would be answered by State Police and Oswego County Sheriff's Deputies.

"The State Police out of Pulaski they have a large area to cover. I was told the other day the area they cover is 600 square miles. And also the Sheriff's Department and their area and obviously they have the whole county they're responsible for," says Terpening.

The mayor has said the elimination is part of a budget crunch and he's confident the village will have adequate coverage with the other two agencies. But local business owners, Mike and Chuck Deaton aren't so sure.

"I hear from other business owners most of them are not in favor of it. They think with the increased response time by Sheriff and State Police that's going to make smaller crimes like shoplifting more acceptable," says Deaton.

"We actually have someone here who can devote some time and actually knows the local people," says Deaton.

The Deatons will be able to voice those concerns next week at a public hearing.

"To come out and ask questions is the most important thing. How will I be affected? What will they do? That's what they need to do," says Terpening.

The public hearing will be held on Tuesday, February 19 at 7pm. The villagers will then vote on a referendum to dissolve or keep the Pulaski Police Department on March 19.