Public Service Commission delays decision on 315 area code split

The New York State Public Service Commission announced Thursday that it is putting on hold any further discussion or decision on the future of the 315 area code.

The PSC has been studying the possibility of either splitting the 315 area code in half or adding a second overlapping code for Central New York after forecasts predicted 315 would run out of new phone numbers by 2015. Thursday the PSC said that forecast has been revised to the middle of 2016, giving planners more time to conduct studies.

"Due to the potential disruption that could be created when a new area code is added, it is prudent to temporarily postpone this proceeding given that extra time now exists before a decision must be made," said PSC Chair Audrey Zibelman. "However, as a result of all of the comments and suggestions we have received during the past months, we should be able to re-start the proceeding quickly should the need arise."

The PSC held several public meetings about a potential split or overlay this summer and accepted public comments and suggestions, some of which were sparsely attended.

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