Pulaski man drowns trying to save son in Salmon River

A Pulaski man was heroic in his efforts to save his 6 year-old son, but lost his life in the process police say.

Investigators say William Hibbard, 37, Pulaski, was fishing with the child when they lost their footing and slipped into the waters of the Salmon River. Police say the pair floated downstream in a southerly direction for about 100 yards when they passed under the Route 11 bridge that crosses over the river.

Witnesses observed William Hibbard swimming and conscious as he pushed his son towards the shore line where other fishermen were located. The child was helped to shore by one of the fisherman and was unharmed. William Hibbard was then seen by the fishermen with his head under water and no longer swimming. Two fishermen dove into the water and retrieved Hibbard, bringing him back to shore where CPR was initiated. Hibbard was transported to the Oswego Hospital Emergency Room where he was pronounced deceased at 12:24 PM. The young child was treated by paramedics at the scene and did not appear to be injured. Police say it appears Hibbard protected his son as they drifted downstream.

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