Puppy left to die in Utica dumpster rescued by nearby neighbor

UTICA, N.Y. -- A dog in Oneida County is lucky to be alive after it was thrown in a plastic bag and left to die in a dumpster in Utica.

Last Saturday, a man and his daughter woke up in their apartment to the puppy's cries for help. They called 911 as the yelping continued throughout the morning. Eventually, the two went outside near the dumpster and discovered a puppy sealed in trash bags, freezing and with a purple tongue.

Now one week later, the five month old puppy named Oscar is doing much better and is a Dachshund full of life.

Christopher Thornton was the man who found Oscar almost lifeless in the dumpster nearby his apartment.

"When I opened the bag and saw him he was barley moving. He was yelping at a lower tone that what we heard earlier," Thornton recalled.

When the cries for help didn't stop, Christopher decided to go outside and see for himself what was going on. Inside the dumpster laid Oscar wrapped in a quilt in two sealed plastic garbage bags.

"We found out there was a call made to the 911 center at approximately 6:00 a.m. that same Saturday morning from a female who stated she had a puppy and she couldn't provide care for it anymore and needed somebody to come take the dog," Bill Pulaski, the Animal Cruelty Investigator explained.

Then, hours later 911 dispatchers got another phone call but, this time it was from Christopher Thornton who found the dog fighting to stay alive.

911 Dispatchers connected the dots and later were able to arrest a man and woman for abandoning the puppy.

At this time, the name of the pair has not been released, but they are facing misdemeanor charges of abandonment.

Animal Cruelty Investigators said this is the first live rescue from a dumpster they have had in eleven years and it has taken an emotional toll on Thornton.

"I broke down. Look, I'm a big guy, but tears are gonna fall when you see something like this. It's not cool. It's not humane. You're not supposed to do that," Thornton said.

As for the puppy, he's doing well and is being cared for by the SPCA in Mattydale.

The organization has named the puppy Oscar, after Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, and in this case he lived to get out of this trash bin.

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