Questions still linger in Auburn over Jessica Gentile's death

Jessica Gentile's death is still under investigation as question marks linger.


uburn Police received a call to 14 Frances Street Wednesday Morning. Jessica Gentile, 25, was unresponsive when first responders arrived on the scene. Today the mystery continues to build around what police are calling a suspicious death.

Susan Phillips lives on Frances Street and she remembers that day. "I came up the hill here and I didn't know what house it was at because we're really close, right across the street. I didn't know if it was my house or what was going on. Then when I did see the investigators here when they did tape off the house, I didn't know what happened to her, if it was someone that came into her house," says Phillips. "When I first came home there were ambulances and detectives, it must have just happened because I saw them put her in the ambulance. After that it was just, everyone left from over there, they taped off the house and investigators were here all day."

While investigators have left since then, what hasn't left Jessica's family is the emptiness they have in their home and in their hearts.

Michele Gentile is Jessica's mother and this tragedy will always be with her. "She was... Her beauty was beyond... She was the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen. She had the most beautiful smile, and her heart. She was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside," says Gentile. "She cared about people. She had lots of friends, she loved her friends and her family. She brought pure joy to my life. She was one of the best things I've done."

Along with many members from this community Jessica's mother is looking for answers to questions she didn't even know to ask. "Whatever it was, it was not anything I would have approved of. And I was blind if there was something the she was doing that I didn't know about," says Gentile.

14 Frances Street was an address the Gentile family only heard of after being called to Auburn Community Hospital. They had no idea who Jessica was with, or why she was there.


hatever happened there at that house


definitely was not good

," says Gentile. "The truth comes out, the truth needs to come out."

Whatever the police know about what happened so far, they are not saying while this investigation continues.

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