Quick thinking 15-year-old saves Mom after suffering a seizure while driving

At the young age of 15 Gage Kilborne has never driven more then a go cart, but when crisis called he was ready to answer.

Last Thursday his mom Tammy was driving along route 12 in Clinton. In the blink of an eye a grand mal seizure struck. Tammy blacked out while driving nearly 60 miles an hour. She hasn't had a seizure in 13 years and never thought this frightening scenario could ever happen.

"I've prayed that my kids would never have to witness me having one, let alone in this situation," says Tammy.

"I was a little bit nervous and scared," says Gage. "I shouted her name to see if I could get her out of the seizure and when realized that wouldn't work I just took over."

Just a moment later Gage did the only thing he could. Unable to reach the brake from the passenger seat, he grabbed the wheel and turned into the oncoming lane to a nearby ditch. Miraculously, they walked away with just minor scrapes.

"I am one of faith and I believe Jesus acted through him and that a swarm of angels was around the car," says Tammy.

Gage credits his quick thinking to the Boy Scouts where he's earned both a first aid and an emergency preparedness merit badge. His mother says she wouldn't be here without him and says he's her hero.

"I just thanked him. I hugged him and I didn't want to let him go."

Both now view life with new purpose. Tammy says to love your children as much as possible.

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