Racial sensitivity concerns lead to boycott of North Syracuse High School musical

The musical is billed as "An adaption of "The Wizard of Oz" that tries to capture the essence of the African American experience," is being put on by high schoolers in North Syracuse next month. But there is growing opposition to the cast. At Monday evening's board of education meeting some black parents and students announced a boycott because there are no black students cast in leading roles.

Parent Letrice Titus spoke out Monday night saying this is an issue of racial sensitivity, "When you do a play, especially a black play in a mostly white school, you need to be aware of what you are presenting. To not have one black student in a lead role in this production is just wrong."

The Wiz, which came out as a movie in 1978, was nominated for four Academy Awards including Best Art Direction, although it did not win an Oscar.

Click here to watch a YouTube video from the movie featuring Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.