Radio host Glenn Beck won't forget his weekend in Central New York

Glenn Beck won't forget Columbus Day Weekend 2012. He spent most of it in Seneca County, as his daughter got married. However, it is what happened after the wedding that is getting the most attention.

The political commentator's wife had just gotten their son out of the SUV, and was still holding onto the door handle, when the vehicle started to slide down a slippery hill and barrel-rolled several times. The Fingerlakes Daily News has images of the vehicle. No one was hurt and Beck later said on his radio show that, "it was like a movie."

The Beck's daughter was married at Suzanne Fine Regional Cuisine on Route 414 in the Seneca County Town of Lodi.

The Huffington Post reports that on his show, Beck said that one of his security detail tried to get control of the SUV, thinking that Beck's son Raphe was still inside, and jumped out before the car flipped. "The guy's a hero," he declared.