Radisson residents sound off on proposed YMCA

The debate over building a YMCA in a residential neighborhood heated up tonight at C.W. Baker High School.

Radisson residents are upset over a proposed 98,000 square foot YMCA that will be built off of Drake's Landing.

There were more people in support of the facility than against it at the meeting.

Syracuse YMCA Director Hal Welsh says the community will benefit from the building.

"We are a community service organization," Welsh says. "There is no doubt in my mind. That is what we do, that is why we exist, to serve the community."

Those who oppose it say the congestion and noise that will come with the constant traffic in and out of the building is not appropriate for a residential neighborhood.

"We're talking a thousand vehicles plus a day in that area," Radisson resident Robert Tessier says. "Plus all the noise and everything else that's going to be generated."

Tonight residents attended a hearing put on by the Empire State Development Cooperation.

Residents filed a lawsuit two years ago trying to block the building.

A state supreme court ruling said the facility couldn't be built until Empire State approved the building as a community service organization. As part of the ruling they have to a hold a public forum to hear the community's comments about the YMCA.

That's what tonight was all about.

Empire State will keep the comment period open for another month where people can write and e-mail their comments after tonight.

If Empire State approves the building, it will be brought before the Lysander planning board.