Rain and freezing rain showers will create slick spots in Central New York

With sprinkles and showers moving into the area and temperatures at or under 32 degrees across parts of Central New York, there is a chance for freezing rain and for slick icy conditions to develop, according to meteorologist Peter Hall.

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Precipitation should be light and the temperatures will rise during the morning hours, Central New Yorkers should be on the look out for slippery spots-even if the temperature is above freezing (32 degrees)-because parking lots, driveways and sidewalks have compacted snow and ice due to Fridayâ??s storm. When the rain showers occur, the wetness will make the sheets of compacted snow and ice even more slick and slippery. If you will be walking or driving this morning, please be aware of this.

There will be snow accumulations for parts of the viewing area tonight. However, most of us will just see flakes with no accumulations to up to an inch.

Todayâ??s high will be 44 degrees with a low of 30.

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