Rain prompts Madison County officials to closely monitor Oneida River

Flooding in Oneida on July 1

Officials in Madison County are watching the Oneida River closely as more rain is expected Wednesday evening.

"Earlier today I looked at the level of Oneida Creek and it's below four feet so it will take three or four inches of rain to make it go back up to the ten foot range where we start getting nervous," said Oneida Fire Chief Gregg Myers.

The City says more than 200 homes were damaged in the flood. Gas and electricity has been restored to all but 50.

Teams of volunteers continue to come to Oneida to help elderly and handicapped neighbors clean out their homes and the city expects 150 to 200 additional volunteers to arrive in Oneida in this weekend.

Mold has also become a major concern in many flood damaged homes. Just two years after he remodeled his house, Christopher Baker had to rip nearly everything out of the first floor and is spraying bleach in his basement to prevent mold from settling in.

"I've done it multiple times and I'm going to do it again, trying to combat the humidity and the moisture and the rain won't let up. Won't give us a break," said Baker.

On Tuesday, Senator Charles Schumer's office said FEMA is still finishing its assessment of flooding damage. Schumer has been pushing the agency to issue a disaster declaration for the past week. Frustration among residents is building and many say they are tired of waiting for answers.

On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said that although the state should quality for federal funds, he is "not overly optimistic" that the state will receive a disaster declaration. Earlier in the week, Cuomo said he may call the state Legislature back to address recent flooding if the federal government declines to issue a disaster declaration and send federal aid to the area.

Floodwaters first swept through eastern portions of Central New York on June 28 and June 28 flooding towns in Madison County, Herkimer County, Oneida County, and Chenango County.

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