Rain shortage may leave Central New York farmers hung out to dry

Matthew Critz, of Critz Farms in Cazenovia, doesn't need any scientific tools to figure out how the dry weather is impacting this yearâ??s corn crop. All he has to do is look at it.

"Right now the corn is between my knee and my chest last year at this time it was between my waist and chest," says Critz.

Corn is a big crop in central New York and thanks to the lack of rain this summer itâ??s growing at a slower rate.

Critz says not only are his stalks smaller, but some of the leaves are starting to curl, which is a sure sign of heat stress.

It's not just corn that's starting to dry out either. Critz says his pumpkin crop is showing signs of heat stress and if it doesn't rain soon it could hurt his business.

"It's a really big crop for us and we ship all over the east coast so it's starting to be a concern of mine," says Critz.

Despite the dry weather Critz says it is still too early to panic.

"I would say a couple of more weeks and I'll be starting to be concerned about my Christmas trees in a couple of weeks and they are really deep rooted," says Critz.

Speaking of Christmas, Critz already knows what he wants from Santa this year.

"I'd like a nice tropical storm to come up the east coast and gives us about two inches that would be great," says Critz.

But with more dry weather in the forecast, it looks like any hopes for rain are going to have to be put on hold.