Rainy Day Puts Families Indoors

<p> <font size="2">Many parents decided to pack up and head to Destiny USA to escape the weather.</font> </p><p> <font size="2"> </font> </p>

When its a wet, gloomy day out like it was today, what's a family to do? Well, many parents decided to pack up and head to Destiny USA to escape the weather.

"It was pouring," says Patty Fisher.

"Rainy weather; its not fun to have kids out. Except for jumping in the puddles. But, you can't do that all day, everyday," says Jesse Campbell.

After they have their jumping in puddles fix, parents opted for heading indoors. And, many had a similar idea.

"They got up about 8:45a.m. and by 10a.m. I was already stir crazy. So, we decided to call our friends and come here," says Korie Walsh.

"It's really hard because they get sick of running around the house. So, we had to get them out because they were going stir crazy and we were going a little crazy too with them. So, we got them here to the mall to have something fun to do. Then they'll go home and we'll feed them and play some board games in the house. But, no swimming today," says Kim Messmer.

Whether its the allowing your kids to climb the ropes at Wonder Works or sliding in the indoor play park at Billy Beez, its bound to keep your little ones occupied for hours.

"We've done some of the games at Revolution, and now they're doing the rope climb. And, oh we've rode the carousel three times," says Patty Fisher.

So, i

f the forecast calls for another rainy day, theres a good chance that the parents are prepared for their unpredictable children.