Reaction from the DIRT Hall of Fame to death of Kevin Ward

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County Investigators put together the chain of events leading up to the death of 20 year old race car driver Kevin Ward, they're almost certain to look into the rules and regulations governing dirt track racing.


car was disabled after it was clipped by famous nascar driver
Tony Stewart during the prior lap. Visably upset, Ward got out of his car and walked onto the track gesturing toward Stewart's car just before he was hit.

At the Dirt Hall of Fame in Weedsport, visitors to get up close to the rich history of dirt track racing. Chuck and Cathy Carmen came to the Hall of Fame from Savannah, New York. Like many dirt racing fans, they view Ward's death as a tragedy, but they don't think he should have left his car and walked onto the track. "He was hot and just wanted to get out and he was upset about being pushed or shoved by Stewart." Chuck Carmen told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon. Cathy Carmen added, "He wasn't thinking straight would be my thought. So angry he reacted without thinking which is unfortunate."


he rules of dirt racing are published on line
. Only during a red flag can a driver get out of his or her car and only if he or she is involved in an incident or accident. All others on the track must stay inside their cars, Saturday night's tragedy occurred during a yellow or caution flag. The Hall of Fame's Office Manager, Pam Forney says every driver is reminded of the rules during the mandatory driver's meeting prior to every race. "I don't think the gentleman should have gotten out of his race car. They know they're not supposed to do that...unless you're in extreme danger, you're not supposed to get out."