Reaction pours in to Boeheim coat-flailing incident that ejected him from game

<font size="2">Jim Boeheim</font>

Everyone is still talking about the coat-flailing incident that got SU head basketball coach Jim Boeheim thrown out of this weekend's game against Duke.

It comes as the Orange drop to #4 in the AP rankings and 5th in the USA Today coaches poll after suffering their second straight loss of the season.

On Saturday, the Orange had the ball in the final seconds of the game against Duke when C.J. Fair drove past Tyler Thornton along the baseline for an apparent tying layup. But the official whistled Fair for charging. That's when Boeheim shot onto the court to argue. The official slapped him with two technical fouls and ejected Boeheim from the game.

Ever since the incident, Orange fans have been taking to social media with various opinions.

Fred Wilson: "I am a Jim Boeheim fan...that was him telling the ACC to get its act together..."

Suzanne Spencer: "I feel he was right for that call was ridiculous. I felt he was frustrated with some of the calls seemed to be very biased."

Ryan Lafex: "It was bound to happen. No one wants to drop 2 straight and a ticky tack call like that to end the game was a little over zealous and fueled the Jimmy B explosion. It's a wake up call. Syracuse just needs to look past it and move on to get another long winning streak going against Maryland Tonight."

Terri Lee Curtis: "Coach called out a bad call made by the Ref... He just called it with a little Flair. I mean seriously did the coach HAVE to be walked off the court by security .... should have not happened but it did so lets move on and focus on Winning more games."

Dave Lupo: "It doesn't happen very often...when it does, it's hilarious! They let too many second chances fall by the wayside - great night on the offensive glass, not enough second chance points scored...missed FT's...missed layups...time to forget about it and spank Maryland tonight."

Elena Cesari Cintron: "Coach Boeheim is a class act. He had to incredibly frustrated with the ridiculously biased calls."

Mary Phillips: "I think it was a bad call but he definitely over reacted."

What did you think about Boeheimâ??s reaction? Leave your thoughts below.

The Orange have a chance to regroup and get back on track as they take on Maryland at 7 p.m. Tonight. You can watch it on ESPN.