Ready to fly? New airline fee rules go into effect

On Thursday, new federal rules go into effect making it easier to figure out just how much that next airline ticket will cost you.

Passenger Rachel Relyea says, thanks to hidden fees, her ticket ended costing her more than she thought.

"I thought it was going to be cheaper than it was than I had to scramble for the twenty five dollars for the baggage fees," she says.

But the days of hidden fees for passengers are over. Under new federal guidelines released Thursday, airlines must now advertise ticket prices with all taxes and fees included.

Air traveler Kirk Lipscomb says when it comes to ticket prices, transparency is a good thing. we a move the airlines say is unecessary. "I think it's always a good idea to be up front and give the actual price of whats involved with anything," he says.

Airlines are also now required to let passengers know when a flight is cancelled, diverted or delayed by more than 30 minutes and once a passenger has paid for a reservation prices can't go up on bags or tickets can not go up.

Relyea is excited about the changes. "I think its a great idea I think its less stress for the passengers I think its wonderful," she says.