Real Hero: Law enforcers save 3 Lake Ontario boaters

Luckily for boaters in distress near Fair Haven last July 28th, Cayuga Countyâ??s Sheriff boat patrol was nearby.

Navigational Assistant Terry Lozier and Deputy Tom Cordway noticed the boat going in circles off McIntyre Bluffs, and when they got close they realized two men were in the water.

19 year old Christopher Pritchard was brought aboard without injury, but 22 year old Matthew Pritchard had his foot nearly severed by the disabled boatâ??s still spinning propeller. The rescuers were able to stabilize his condition, and stop him from bleeding out, but the Pritchards refused to leave the boat until the third person aboard, 21 year old Ashlie Crawford, was accounted for. They found her, unconscious aboard the boat.

Because of their quick thinking and emergency medical skills, the boaters are fine. Matthew, whoâ??s an Oswego Sheriffâ??s deputy, had his foot reattached, and will be able to work with no disability.

For their rescue, Cayuga County Sheriffâ??s Deputy Tom Cordway and Navigational Assistant Terry Lozier have been awarded this yearâ??s Adult Good Samaritan award by the Red Cross.