Real Hero: Man on his way to church makes rescue from bull attack

Rescuer Brian Lozier says heâ??s convinced God had a hand in a life-saving event in Cayuga County last August.

John Crandon was being attacked by a bull, on a Sunday morning. He started screaming for help, and 300 yards downwind, Lozier, dressed in his Sunday best and ready for church, heard him.

Lozier ran toward the sounds and realized it was a man in distress, and called 911. Then he got a 2x4 and distracted the animal long enough for Crandon to crawl into a barn, and safety.

Crandon had broken ribs and a punctured lung, but is recovering, thanks to a man he says looked like a doctor or lawyer, a most unlikely rescuer. Brian, whoâ??s a carpenter by trade, says heâ??s convinced God intervened with the wind bringing him the sounds, so he could act.

Lozier is the second member of his family to be honored this year: his cousin Terry Lozier won this yearâ??s Adult Good Samaritan Award for a Lake Ontario Rescue.