Real Hero: Volunteer gives two hours every 3 weeks, and saves lives

Andy March has been a regular blood donor for 18 years ,but could only donate every 56 days. Then he found out about platelet donation, which can be done every 21 days, and heâ??s now donated 386 times!

Platelets go twice as far as whole blood, and are especially useful for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or whoâ??ve had organ transplants. Because he donates so often, he also helps reduce the risk of rejection, because patients can count on his one source.

Andy says you never know who youâ??re helping. 3 or 4 years ago his father had leukemia, and Andyâ??s blood was there to help.

A chair of the CNY Red Cross chapterâ??s philanthropy committee, he urges even more people to get involved---it â??costsâ?? Andy 2 hours every three weeks to donate, and he says â??itâ??s the right thing to do.â??

Andy March is the Red Cross Blood Donor Real Hero, but anyone can donate, especially when the need is great over the holidays. Thereâ??s a Holiday Heroes blood drive at Destiny USA Dec 26 â?? 31. Call 1-800-Red Cross or check if you want to make an advance appointment