Real Heroes-Fire Safety: Deputies honored for lifesaving at Bayberry fire

Onondaga County Sheriff's Deputies who were working early in the morning on Friday, June 17th knew right away the fire call was a bad one. "I could hear the stress in the dispatchers voice," says Sgt. Craig Dykes. Several deputies responded, and say flames shooting from the home on Bayberry Circle. "Saw smoke and the flames downstairs, and they quickly started rising" says Deputy Ronald Bell, "and we saw the two people inside yelling for help." Deputy Mike Doupe, first on the scene, found a neighbor already trying to help. "was trying to tell the boy to come down the ladder...he looked kind of confused," he recalls, so he went up to pull the sixteen year old down. They collapse on the ground as a window blows out, but are ok. Another Deputy is at another window, with another man trapped on the second floor. "And he was fully engulfed in black smoke," says Tim Kelly, "I told him to jump but he wouldn't jump," Kelly shouts to get the man to go to the window where the ladder is, and he gets down safely. Four are rescued, and moved to safety. "We brought them to a safe location," says Deputy Timothy Hahn, but then he see's one more. "..and I grabbed the last person out of the fire." All five are now ok, thanks to emergency assistance by the Red Cross, and ongoing support of neighbors. And, Deputies Ronald Bell, Mike Doupe, Time Kelly and Sgt. Craig Dykes have received the Fire Rescue Real Hero Award, though they insist it's above and beyond: " That's what we sign up's the same for anybody in uniform."