Real Heroes: Sheriffâ??s Deputies save bedridden woman from house fire

Onondaga County Sheriffâ??s Sgt. Crayg Dykes was training newly promoted Sgt. Jeremy Young last June, when they heard the call to a kitchen fire in Mattydale. They were nearby, at Northern Lights, and were first on the scene, on Elbow Road. The burning house was home to three generations, and a man told them that his grandmother, 96 year old Nancy Adragna was bedridden inside.

The deputies pushed through the smoke and flames to the back bedroom and found the woman, and were able to hand her through a window to her grandson, and safety. But that was not the end of the story.

The deputies tried to go back out the way they came in, but the flames and smoke in the kitchen were now too intense. They eventually squeezed themselves through the same very narrow window that they had passed the woman through, though as Sgt. Dykes says, their bulky utility belts did not look the same after the exit.

And, though the two suffered smoke inhalation, their job at the scene was not done:

Sgt. Young, in training, was still tasked with managing the rescue scene and making sure that all the documentation was done. All in a dayâ??s work. As Young says, â??We knew that somebodyâ??s life was in danger,â?? and there was no time to think twice about personal danger.

This Real Heroesâ?? recognition was the second year in a row that the Red Cross honored Sgt. Dykes. He was also recognized for another fire rescue in Mattydale, the year before. â??Iâ??m honoredâ?? is all he says.

Sgt. Crayg Dykes and Sgt. Jeremy Young, the Red Cross Law Enforcement Real Heroes.