Real Hero:Union Springs soldier loses foot, but survives with family support

While serving in Kandahar Province in Afghanistan, Kyle Casler, in his third year of military duty, had an improvised explosive device (IED) detonate at his feet last May. The 23 year old Army Specialist First Class was evacuated to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, as his family was notified of the injury.

Kyleâ??s father, at home in Union Springs, got the call, and says he was relieved his son was alive. Kyleâ??s sister remembers not knowing what would happen next, as the family loaded up the car and headed to Washington. Kyleâ??s mother would spend the next several months sleeping in his room.

Whether his own determination, or the extra push of family support, just one month after surgery Kyle took his first steps on a new prosthetic device, two months ahead of the schedule doctors predicted. He continues to do rehab at Walter Reed and looks forward to a â??normalâ?? life after his years of military service and sacrifice.

Kyle Casler received a standing ovation at the Real Heroesâ?? Breakfast, as he was awarded this yearâ??s Military Award.