Record low voter turnout expected

Both of Onondaga County Elections Commissioners say they expect a record low voter turnout on November 8th. There are very few contested races in the region that will get enough attention to draw out voters. Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney and District Attorney are both running unopposed on the republican ticket.

The only wider reaching race is State Supreme Court. Candidates for a judge's seat cannot campaign on issues or attack opponents. They are only allowed to talk about themselves. That type of campaign does not generate a lot of interest.

"It should be a low turn out," said democratic Elections Commissioner Ed Ryan. "We expect somewhere around thirty percent." Republican Elections Commissioner Helen Kiggins Walsh says the turnout could be even lower than that. But, she adds 2012 will be a different story. "Next year we'll have close to record high turnout. It's a presidential year," said Kiggins Walsh. "That brings out voters. Even if the don't know what they're voting for they come out to vote."

One big change coming next year: Primary Day will not be in September. It is not yet decided whether the day will move to August or June. A federal law is requiring a change of some sort.