Record Store Day attracts vinyl fans for new albums

Record Store Day at The Sound Garden.


undreds waited for hours, the line stretched for three blocks around the Sound Garden in Syracuse. All for Record Store Day.

Michael Barthell came out to The Sound Garden to pick up some records.

"Ian Dury and the Blockheads, it's punk. Old man like me, still likes punk," says Barthell.

Many in the store are sorting through some limited edition records, available for the very first time. Barthell is taking advantage of some of the deals which are only available on Record Store Day.

"A lot of this music is like 3.99, 2.99 where the average CD is like 20 bucks and while you're digging, it's bringing back memories. It's a nostalgia thing," says Barthell.

Vinyl has made a comeback in recent years, going from 36 million dollars of annual sales in 2006, to more than 200 million today. Fans like Michael LaRusso say they buy vinyl, because they can't find the same sound anywhere else.

"The thing that attracts me to it is, I think I like the pops and the sounds. It just sounds legit, like the way that they made it back in the day. It makes it feel real and you really feel it when you hear those pops and snaps," says LaRusso.

The Sound Garden has been participating in Record Store Day since it started back in 2007. Record Store Day is a holiday to this store, because it brings in so many people and helps out their business big time.

Michael Watson is a manager at The Sound Garden. "I mean it's definitely the biggest sales of the year, every year, so that's always a huge plus, absolutely," says Watson.

One new record which hits home to many here in Central New York is the Wizard of Oz soundtrack on special edition emerald green vinyl.