Red Cross volunteer honored for using life-saving training

The Red Cross requires its Disaster Action Team Members to take first aid training, to use when they're called out for fires or other emergencies, but long-time volunteer Sue Page never thought she'd need it to save her friend.

Sue was volunteering at the Red Cross parking fundraiser at the State Fair last August, and after her shift met up with her Marcellus neighbor and close friend Donna Thompson for their annual visit to restaurant row. As they were eating, Donna started choking and turning blue. Sue quickly got behind her and did the Heimlich Maneuver, dislodging the food and getting Donna breathing again.

Sue Page has been a Red Cross volunteer since 2001, but her State Fair 'adventure' underscores thereminder that you never know who's going to need help, or when.

And, that a little bit of training can be life-saving.

For her quick thinking, and saving her friend, Sue Page was presented the Red Cross Real
Hero Education Award.