Red Cross volunteers from Syracuse join Sandy relief efforts

Local Red Cross volunteers are joining the relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

The Red Cross is sending 11 volunteers from Syracuse down to some of the areas hardest hit by the storm on Wednesday.

Rosie Taravella, Chief Executive Officer of the Red Cross's Central New York Region office, says another 70 volunteers are awaiting orders and are expected to join the relief effort as well.

"The sheltering could go on for many weeks. Our volunteers go in shifts of 2 or 3 weeks at a time and than they need some relief," she says.

Patty Saunders from Borodino is one of the volunteers heading down to help. Saunders helped victims of hurricane Irene last year and says she is ready to go wherever she is needed.

"I'm hoping to be able to feed people or help at the shelters. That is what I'm trained for," she says.

Click here more information on how you can help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.