Regional Market opens their new "building F"


pring is upon us and to many people throughout the area, this means coming to the regional market in Syracuse. Those out at the farmer's market this year can see and shop in a new one and a half million dollar addition called "Building F." This moves vendors inside to a permanent home instead of being outside in tents.

On Saturdays this building is packed with seventy-five different venues with people from around the area selling their goods. The regional market says this new addition is well worth the money.

Geno Elemos is the Regional Market Manager and was an instrumental part of getting this project finished. "It's really hard to tell someone, no you can't come here because I have no room for you. The people that come here and sell their goods are like you and me. It's not a big corporation where it's not a big deal if I tell them, I have no space for you here today. It's like you and me just trying to make that extra dollar," says Elemos.

Ben Paine owns Paine Farms in Fulton and his family have been selling their goods at the regional market since it opened in 1938. Ben knows how important this new building will be to the local economy, as more small businesses and farms will now come to the market hoping to sell their products to a different customer base.

"You try to get repeat customers, that helps your business so you sell a good product. Your base is your customers so you get them a good product, you want to make sure you get return business. That's your business, that's what you do here," says Paine.

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