Release of notorious Oswego Co. sex offender delayed indefinitely

Ray Younis

The release of one of the most notorious child molesters in local history has been put on hold indefinitely.

Oswego County District Attorney Gregory Oakes says that the Department of Corrections informed him this morning that Ray Younis will not be released from prison next week, as originally scheduled.

Younis served 16 years if a 20 year sentence after pleading guilty in 1998 to 86 counts of child sex abuse involving 17 boys in and around the Village of Phoenix. Authorities say the victims were as young as 4-year-old and there may have been many more than 17.

The State Attorney Generalâ??s Office may try to have Younis committed to a secure mental facility, but Oakes says the Attorney General is prevented by the law from disclosing whether he would seek such a confinement.

Oakes told CNY Centralâ??s Jim Kenyon, who broke the story of Younisâ?? pending release last month, â??For the sake of the community, Iâ??m relieved heâ??s not being released next week. However, Iâ??m concerned about the uncertainty regarding his release date.â?? Oakes added that the â??legislature needs to change the statute so the Attorney Generalâ??s Office can inform District Attorneys about whether they will pursue confinement so we can advise and protect the community.â??