Remains of husband of Walton suicide victim found in barrel on their property

Police have new evidence in the investigation of Debra Sunderstorm, who they say committed suicide before her boyfriendâ??s house was set ablaze February 19 in the Town of Walton, in Delaware County.

While police investigated Debra Sunderstormâ??s home, a police dog found the remains of her husband, 49-year-old Randy Sunderstorm, in a barrel on the coupleâ??s property. Randy Sunderstorm, was reportedly killed in February of 2010, but police havenâ??t found out yet how he was killed or by whom.

Debra Sunderstorm was found dead along with her boyfriend, 51-year-old Dominick Bosco, in his home last Tuesday, February 19. Police say they were on their way to question Sunderstorm about a larceny case when they heard two gunshots and found her dead.

The officers had to leave the body, because the house was on fire, and the flames were spreading quickly.

Police have said that Debra Sunderstorm died of a gunshot wound to the head, but havenâ??t determined how Bosco died.