Remembering Bridget Bell, friends honor Auburn murder victim

Friends gather to remember Bridget Bell Monday night / photo: Caitlin Nuclo

There are no words to describe the pain, seen in the eyes of Bridget Bell's family and friends Monday night. They gathered outside her Auburn apartment, where just hours earlier the 29-year-old was found murdered.

"It sucks. I just know she's going to be watching over us," said Bridget's cousin Joshua Fronce. "I just love her so much."

"We're just going to stick together and toughen it out," said her best friend Kristy Lynn Dougherty. "Bridget wouldn't want us all around crying and feeling sorry for her. She can't feel any pain right now."

But Monday, it was hard for most to hold back the tears. About 100 people honored Bridget with a candlelight vigil, shining a light on the devoted friend and loving mother.

"She had this huge smile, and she would laugh so obnoxiously loud you knew she was walking into the room," said Bridget's friend Jolynn Molhollane. "You didn't even have to turn around, you knew it was Bridget."

Police say the 29-year-old mother was brutally stabbed by her ex boyfriend, Ryan Brahney. He is also the father of her 3-year-old son, Finn. Police say Brahney has a history of violence.

Tonight, those who loved Bridget wore purple ribbons to support the fight against domestic violence.

Finn is now being care for by Bridget's mother and her friends and family say the boy will always be surrounded by love. "Finn will grow up with an amazing support system. He will never forget who bridget was, or how much she loved him," said Dougherty.