Remembering Jacelyn O'Connor

Neighbors gather at Morris Central School to hold a vigil for Jacelyn O'Connor.

Hundreds of neighbors gathered at the steps of Morris Central School to remember the life of Jacelyn O'Connor. Most, wearing her favorite colors, pink and red.

Many at the vigil don't know the 11-year-old, but Diane Belsky says when you live in Morris, everyone is family.

"We are such a small community. You can see the support. We all pull together," says Belsky.

Jacelyn was to start 6th grade in September. Her classmates at Morris Central remembered her at the vigil through artwork and messages on handmade t-shirts.

"Once you start and if everybody stays here, you're family for 13 years," says Belsky.

A family that will continue to honor and cherish Jacelyn.

"Hopefully they'll just keep her in mind and move on and carry forth her legacy," says Belsky. "She's looking down on us."

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