Remsen neighbors celebrate Erin Hamlin's Olympic Medal

She is the first American to ever win a medal in singles luge and while most of the country is just learning about Erin Hamlin, friends and neighbors in her hometown of Remsen know how hard she worked to make history.

"We are just thrilled. We are a small community and this is such a big event for us," said Erin's second grade teacher Kim Tucker.

On Wednesday, Remsen Elementary School students got to watch Erin's medal ceremony on a live feed. Teachers and staff said it was an emotional moment for them and an exciting way to make the Olympics relatable to kids.

Elementary students have been learning about Erin's training and her journey from the same hallways they walk to the Sochi Olympics.

"There were times during her high school career she wasn't even here. We were faxing homework assignments to her to her in Lake Placid and she was faxing them back," said Remsen Elementary staff member Katie Chandler.

Signs of support are all around the school and the entire town. Hamlin has become one of the brightest stars of the Sochi Olympics and it started right here in the foothills of the Adirondacks.

"I am getting e-mails and Facebook posts and call from all around the country from people we know saying - is that your town? Is that your Erin?" said Remsen native Steve Boucher.

Boucher owns The Soda Fountain in the center of the village. The "Erin Hamlin World Championship Sundae" has been on the menu since Erin's big win in 2009 but on Tuesday afternoon Boucher went straight to his his printer after celebrating the medal winning run.-

"We renamed the sundae and it is the "Olympic Medalist Erin Hamlin Sundae" and it's on the menu now," said Boucher.

The Village of Remsen is already preparing for a massive event when Erin comes home. The village mayor says it will be a chance for Central New York to celebrate her historic win.