Remsen prepares to welcome home Erin Hamlin

Erin Hamlin

The Village of Remsen sits near the City of Utica. It's a small place with only around 600 people.

Just like the night she won the bronze medal in the women's single luge in Sochi, Russia, tomorrow the streets of Remsen will be lined with excited neighbors waiting to see their hometown champion, Erin Hamlin.

Karen Seelman lives in Remsen. "A great accomplishment, I mean Erin won something most people only dream about, it's a great thing," says Seelman.

Hamlin is scheduled to arrive at Hancock International Airport Thursday afternoon at 4:40. This will be the start of a homecoming for Remsen's champion.

Wendy Cooley also lives in Remsen."We can sit in the gym and see her name on banners from when she played track, and now we can turn on the TV and see her name on TV," says Cooley.

On her trip to Remsen, Hamlin will greet fans along the way. She will stop in Verona and Rome before continuing onto Floyd. She will then drive to Holland Patent and Barneveld to greet fans before finishing up in Remsen.

Francis Stacy is the Village's Mayor. "You've been hoping and hoping and hoping, and finally she did it and ahh, great! Super fantastic," says Stacy.

To honor and commemorate Hamlin's bronze medal winning run in Sochi. The Village of Remsen is throwing her a parade once she arrives back in her hometown.

Pamela Wilmot lives in Remsen. "I think it's gonna full of people, it's gonna look like Remsen," says Wilmot.

Like all parades this homecoming starting around 7 at night will have everything you can imagine, including fire trucks, a choir and all Hamlin's fans.