Replica grenade discovered in Texas man's checked luggage at Hancock Airport

This grenade was removed from a passengerĂ¢??s baggage

A realistic replica grenade was located by security officials at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport on Tuesday morning.

Transportation Security Administration Officers at the Syracuse Airport say they found what appeared to be a hand grenade inside a passengerĂ¢??s checked baggage. It was spotted it in an x-ray image as the luggage went though a security check.

Police were contacted and the passenger was identified and temporarily detained while he had a conversation with the officers and TSA officials. Officials say they determined the grenade was a novelty item designed to look like a grenade.

TSA officials say realistic replica weapons are not permitted in checked or carry-on baggage, including replica grenades.

The passenger is a resident of San Antonio, Texas and was scheduled to fly to Atlanta from Syracuse. He was permitted to catch his flight, without the replica grenade, once it officials determined it was not real.

TSA officials remind passengers that they are responsible for the contents of their baggage and advise them to look through bags for illegal and prohibited items prior to arrival at the airport. Travelers can be fined up to $11,000 if they are caught with prohibited items at the airport.

A list of prohibited items is available on the TSA website and TSA mobile app.