Repo owner speaks out after employees face dangerous situation

After a gun was allegedly pointed at two car repossession agents on Tuesday morning at the former home of John Jamelske in Fayetteville, the owner of the repossession company is speaking out.

Scott Doody owns Professional Recovery of Syracuse, the company hired to repossess a car from Jamelske's former home.

Doody said the repossession business is a dangerous one, and he takes precautions to keep his agents safe on the job.

"We now send two people at a time [to repossess]," said Doody. "We don't send anyone out alone. There's always somebody watching the other person's back. And, sometimes, we've got four people who will come if we feel it necessary."

Doody said repossession has become riskier since the recession.

"People have tried to take things into their own hands to stop the repossessions," said Doody. "And I've had some very close calls, as well as people who have worked for me. And, you know, you've just got to be careful."

The business repossesses as many as 200 cars each month, and agents are sometimes subjected to verbal or even physical abuse.

"Probably 70% of the time, people are verbally yelling at us to try to get their way," said agent Brandon Doody.

I was given access to a ride along with Doody's agents to see first-hand the process of car repossession.

I rode with two agents to the location of a pick-up truck being repossessed. The owner was not on the property, and the agents had no trouble starting the truck, thanks to a key provided by the truck's dealership.

Another agent assigned to the truck's repossession explained the job's appeal. "It's legally stealing," said agent Jack Brown. "You can get away with pretty much anything. Cops are always on your side. And I think it's a fun job."

Brown added it is also a job they take seriously, and that they always approach owners respectfully when repossessing their vehicles.