Report: Bret Michaels sues local concert promoter

Bret Michaels / file photo

According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter , singer Bret Michaels is suing concert promoter Michael Banks for $5 million over a failed show at Syracuse's Regional Market earlier this month.

The singer has filed the lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in New York for breach of contract and exposing him to public contempt and ridicule with allegedly defamatory statements about his schedule.

According to the report, the claim states Michaels was set to perform in Syracuse on August 5, although he was not paid his first 10% deposit nor a second 40% deposit. But when he showed up the promoter had already called off the show.

Show promoter Michael Banks told CNY Central ticket sales were low, less than 1,500 were sold, and he didn't have the money to pay the band up front.

Despite everything, Michaels still signed autographs and talked to fans who showed up to see him after hearing of the cancellation. CNY Central has contacted Banks since then to find out how ticket holders can get their money back. According to a statement on his website Banks and his advisors are, "...working towards a plan of solution for this situation. Please check back for details upon its finalization."

When reached for comment Wednesday, Banks told CNY Central's Michael Benny that he needs to give the Attorney General an action plan to deal with the lawsuit, but recently family health issues have prevented him from focusing on that.

After the Michaels incident, the Regional Market cancelled all other shows it had planned through Banks, saying they refuse to work with him.

Michaels has said he will come back to Syracuse in November to perform and that he will be using a different promoter.

Banks says he has heard about lawsuit, but has not seen anything and has not yet called his lawyer.