Report: Fine's wife slept with SU basketball players, bragged to sex abuse accuser

A report published by the New York Daily News is giving new information about the actions of Bernie Fine's wife.

Laurie Fine engaged in sex acts with Syracuse University basketball players, according to the New York Daily News report.

The paper says Gloria Allred, who is representing accusers Bobby Davis and Mike Lang in a defamation lawsuit against head coach Jim Boeheim and Syracuse University, filed an affidavit with the New York State Supreme Court on Monday.

The affidavit claims Davis went with Laurie Fine to an off-campus house in 1993 where one of the basketball players lived.

Fine and the player, who was not named, reportedly went into a bedroom. The player came out a short time later and bragged about having sex with the assistant coach's wife.

Years later, Davis was reportedly driving Laurie Fine and another coach's wife around Syracuse when they began talking about their sexual encounters with the SU basketball players. The women reportedly discussed giving oral sex to the players and described their "physical attributes."

A spokesman for SU said a comment would come at the appropriate time, according to the Daily News.

Bernie Fine was fired from SU in November after an audio tape recording between Bobby Davis and Laurie Fine was released by ESPN. In it, Laurie Fine is heard telling Davis she feared her husband was molesting Davis, but felt powerless to stop it.

Fine has denied the sex abuse allegations against the former SU ball boys, calling them "patently false."

A third accuser named Zach Tomaselli recently asked that his civil lawsuit against Fine be dropped. He also admitted to doctoring e-mails sent to news reporters.