Report: Local economy would lose millions if Carrier Dome were to close

A report released by Syracuse University warns if the aging roof on the Carrier Dome fails it could wind up costing millions of dollars in lost revenue, and presents problems in finding an alternate site for games.

The report, released Thursday, details the findings of a special five member task force, handpicked by SU Chancellor Kent Syverud back in February, to look at the economic impact the loss of the dome would have on the University and surrounding area.

The task force found that losing the Carrier Dome for even one home basketball game against a major opponent could result in the loss of more than $8 million in revenue. If the Dome were forced to close for an entire football season, the cost could be more than $40 million.

The task force also looked at potential alternative sites for home football and basketball games.

Rick Burton, Professor of Sport Management at SU, says alternative football games would most likely have to be played as far away as Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo or Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. As for basketball, Burton says there aren't any nearby alternative sites that have enough seats.

"We have a season ticket base of about 24,000, there just are no 24,000 seat buildings for basketball in the State of New York or in the immediate region," he says.

The Carrier Dome is almost 35 years old. The current roof on the Dome was replaced in 1999, and the University says will most likely need to be replaced again in seven to ten years.