Reports: Abductors used puppy to lure Amish girls into car

Stephen Howells Jr and Nicole Vaisey.

A puppy was used to lure the two young Amish girls into the kidnapperâ??s car, the girlsâ?? aunt tells the Watertown Daily Times.

The aunt told the Watertown Daily Times that the two were shown a puppy that was in the back seat of the vehicle that stopped at a roadside vegetable stand near the girlsâ?? home in Heuvelton.

The aunt says that the younger girl got into the car first, and then her older sister was pushed into the back seat by her abductors.

This is the latest in the details that have been coming out about the case. Stephen Howells Jr. and Nicole Vaisey are charged with kidnapping the two girls. The St. Lawrence County District Attorney told WWNY-TV that there were at least three other victims, and that the Amish girls were shackled together during their captivity.

An attorney for the suspects says they were in a master-slave relationship, and painted Vaisey as a victim of Howell Jr.

The two are due back in court on Thursday.