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      Reports: Syracuse Police Chief's son arrested on burglary charges

      The son of Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler was arraigned on charges related to a burglary investigation Wednesday, syracuse.com reports.

      Frank Fowler, Jr. and a second suspect, Kasheim Jones, are facing a felony burglary charge, along with criminal mischief, possession of burglar??s tools and petit larceny.

      They charges stem from a plot to steal copper piping from a home on Daphne Drive, according to syracuse.com.

      This is not the first time Frank Fowler Jr. has been in the news.

      In 2010, Fowler Jr. was slashed by a razor blade while trying to break up a fight in front of the Seals Community Center.

      Fowler Jr. was involved in a spat between DA Fitzpatrick and the Syracuse Police over a fender bender in January of 2012. Fowler Jr. allegedly left the scene of the incident.

      In January 2013 he was stabbed during an assault at the South Side Market.