Rescue crews hoist man to safety after he plunges into gorge in Danby

It took nearly two hours for crews to rescue a man who fell into a gorge behind his home.

The man plunged into the gorge behind his property near the 100 block of Comfort Road in the Town of Danby.

Danby and Ithaca firefighters along with a team from Bangs Ambulance worked together to rescue the man around 2 p.m..

The man, who is in his 70's, suffered minor injuries as he was trying to walk out of the trail. Due to the steep terrain and bad weather conditions, rescue crews called in the Ithaca Fire Department's Rope Rescue Team to help.

Rescue crews used a rope system to lower themselves down to the victim, package him in a basket and hoist him up to safety.

The man was evaluated by paramedics on the scene. He did not need to be transported to the hospital.