Rescue Mission cooks up 450 pounds of turkey, providing a warm meal to 2,000

The Rescue Mission is doing what it does best on Thanksgiving Day, giving those who need it something to be thankful for. This year, it expects to serve a record number of Central New York neighbors.

"With that trend continuing, we could serve well over 1900 and possibly upwards of 2000 meals this Thanksgiving," says Alan Thornton.

The Rescue Mission started preparing for Thanksgiving back in October.

Since then, it's roasted more than 60 turkeys; the equivalent of 450 pounds of turkey. And of all of that will be gobbled down Thursday.


Volunteers will deliver meals to those who can't make it, bringing a warm meal right to their door. Volunteers are the backbone of the Rescue Mission's Thanksgiving, without them, the meal wouldn't be possible.

Volunteers say helping those in need is what the holidays are all about.

"It's always important to stop focusing on yourself and focus on what other people who you can help. It is really thinking outside yourself," Elijah Collie says.

At the Rescue Mission every day is Thanksgiving. It provides food to the hungry 365 days a year.

This year, the sluggish economy has pushed the Rescue Mission to roll out more.

At 700 meals a day, it's serving more than 100 meals a day more than it did at this time last year.

"Some days we've gone upwards of 950 meals," says Thornton.

The Rescue Mission and more than 200 volunteers are making sure those that need a warm meal are not going hungry this Thanksgiving. That's something the entire community can be grateful for.