Rescue Mission has block party to remind them of their hard work

The rescue mission has

Everyone down near the Rescue Mission was having some end of summer fun.

This block party was started last year to commemorate their 125th anniversary of serving the Syracuse community. This party celebrates the hard work by the rescue mission over the past year. Everything out here was provided by the rescue mission so they could include everyone from their community.

Quantaisha East was out enjoying the end of summer at the rescue mission. "It's really cool, especially for the kids. With the first week of school, it's kind of hard for them to transition into something like this and to have something like this is really stress relieving," says East.

They bring more that 70 thousand men into their shelter each and every year to give them a bed for the night and even a meal to eat, when those in need, need it most.

This block party serves as a reminder to the rescue mission about how beneficial they are to their community. After the heavy rains came down earlier this summer, the rescue mission in Ithaca was flooded. The Syracuse rescue mission offered anything from food and water to transportation, so the rescue mission in Ithaca could continue to help those without a home.

Alan Thornton is the CEO for the Rescue Mission. "It's a way for people to learn a different face of the rescue mission. We serve a lot of families in addition to the homeless men that we serve here and it's a way for people to see that we are a part of the community and we're trying to strengthen it," says Thornton.