Rescue Mission serves hundreds in need a warm meal on Christmas

Hundreds of volunteers gave up their Christmas morning to serve a warm meal to the less fortunate.

A Christmas meal with all of the fixings is the perfect present for Shambe Gaston.

"The food here is hot. It's better than sleeping under the bridge or dumpster diving. I got scrapes on my knees from jumping into that dumpster looking for a hot one," says Gaston.

Gaston is one of hundreds served a warm meal at the Rescue Mission this Christmas. Rescue Mission's CEO, Allen Thornton, says more than 200 volunteers from all walks of life have made serving meals part of their Christmas tradition.

"On a day like today it's important for people to feel special, to feel connected and that's what our volunteers are proving. That special human connection by serving them on a special day like Christmas," says Thornton.

Mike Dlugozima has been volunteering at the Rescue Mission every Christmas for the past eight years.

"Actually being here for somebody, helping out with all of the others here at the Rescue Mission it's just my Christmas present to myself," saus Dlugozima.

The Rescue Mission also expects to deliver 2,300 meals this Christmas.

Michael Taylor recently started living at the Rescue Mission. Even though he has never met these people before, he says everyone feels like family.

"All of these people love me. They don't me. They don't know me but they're like listen for today it's joy, it's the holiday spirit and this is our gift to you," says Tyler.

The gift of generosity goes a long way on Christmas for people without much more than the clothes on their back.

The Rescue Mission serves three meals a day 365 days a year. To find out more and how you can help visit their website.