Rescue Mission Thanksgiving

The downturn in the economy is taking its toll on the Rescue Mission. The Syracuse agency, which has been feeding those in need for more than one hundred years, is struggling to keep up with an increased number of people in need of meals. Paul LaDolce, Director of Communications for the Rescue Mission says they have already served eight thousand more meals this year than they did all of last. " We are seeing people who never came here before that now because of the economy just don't have any other options," LaDolce says. The Rescue Mission expects to serve sixteen hundred meals for Thanksgiving this year, that is three hundred meals more than last. Twelve Hundred of those meals are home delivered. LaDolce says the economy is making it more difficult for the Rescue Mission to operate. " We have higher heating and fuel costs like everyone else. Our goal is to never turn anyone away but with the economy it's getting harder to do," he says.