Retired FBI agent bikes across country to raise money and awareness

Courtesy Bicycling Across America for C.O.P.S. website

A retired FBI special agent is on a cross-country bicycle trip to raise awareness and money for Concerns of Police Survivors, or C.O.P.S.

The non-profit organization provides services and programs nationwide for surviving family members and affected co-workers after a law enforcement official is killed in the line of duty.

Jim Caverly started his bike trip in Oregon. He spent Wednesday night at Green Lakes State Park in Central New York. Friday, he plans to bike through the Mohawk Valley, and he plans to finish his trip in Maine.

The trip can be difficult at times, but he says it's worth it to raise consciousness about the officers who risk their lives every day.

"These guys, they're out on the road, they relax one minute, and the next minute, they're looking down the barrel of a gun," says Caverly. "It's very stressful, and it takes its toll on them. They do the things in the community that nobody else wants to do."

Caverly has biked 3,900 miles so far. He has a little more than 500 more miles to go. He says he's been impressed at the warm reception he has received so far. He and his wife, Jeanne, have been writing about their trip online.

So far, Caverly has raised $4,000, but his goal is $30,000. You can learn how to donate by visiting their website.